Willy Paul responds to new sexual assault allegations made against him

Former gospel singer Willy Paul has now been accused of sexual assault by close to 6 women; who claim he took advantage of them or almost did, which by the way counts.

Well barely 3 months after Singer Miss P exposed Pozee for sleeping with her or rather taking advantage of her sexually; another popular face, NRG’s Atieno Nyardhudha has come forth to give her story.

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According to the lady, she also suffered sexual assault while seeking a job at Willy Paul’s studio. This sad incident however happened when Atieno was only 19 years; an age where she probably felt embarrassed/afraid to talk or even worse – no one would have believed her.

NRG’s Atieno Nyardhudha

Speaking about this, Ms Atieno Nyardhudha said;

Let me tell you what happened between me and Willy Pozee. You can’t call me, you say you want to work with me. I come to your studios, we are inside your studios and there is no network inside. I was naive, I was looking for a job, I had nothing. I was basically 19 or years old. You start touching me, telling me to touch you.

Willy Paul unbothered

Of course with such accusations Willy Paul got learn about Ms Atieno’s story; and being the usual Pozee – the guy did not seem bothered nor sympathetic of course he wouldn’t but what he did was brag!

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Willy Pozee accused of sexual assault by Miss P

As seen on a video shared on Sunday, 3rd October Willy Paul indirectly addressed Atieno  and the rest; in a video where mocked the ladies accusing him of sexual assault saying;

The fight should be against poverty not Willy Paul.

And to prove how unbothered he is, Pozee went on to brag about a king  saying;

I want people to succeed, even fellow artistes who send people to attack me, I still want to see them succeed.Why are you attacking someone who doesn’t have time for you. Someone who is not your equal? Even if I die, I will die a king and go with the title.

Well although it’s not my place to judge – but isn’t anyone worried about these cases?

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