Winnie Odinga vs Maverick Aoko: You shouldn’t out anyone

There is clearly no love lost between Winnie Odinga and Maverick Aoko especially after the latter put her on blast for allegedly living with a woman as man and wife (her words, not mine). And this is something that is taking things too far.

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You see, there are many reasons why an individual would choose to remain private about their intimate life. And there are reasons why people are entitled to make that decision for themselves.

Perhaps it would all be down to security, sometimes it is the fear their families will ostracize them. Whatever the case may be, an individual is entitled to make that decision for themselves. And we haven’t even begun to cover the fact that this might actually simply be libel against Winnie Odinga. Yes, really, this might be the simple case of Maverick Aoko wanting to disparage her public image.

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One has to wonder what she’s trying to achieve here. Perhaps it is to tie her to the LGBTQ community which she knows would be disastrous for any political ambition Odinga’s daughter might harbour. Perhaps it was to shame her given just how conservative Kenyans are.

But there is also the element of risk you expose Winnie Odinga to by outing her whether the rumours are true or not. This is because some Kenyans are violently homophobic. And this is unconscionable.

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Also, two people can indeed live under the same roof and still have a platonic relationship. Roommates do so all the time. perhaps the focus shouldn’t really be on their personal lives but on their character or the reason for your falling out. The minute you introduce ad hominem attacks like Aoko has done, you lose all credibility.

Kenyan vocal writer, Aoko Atieno

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