Wish time could be turned back! Huddah Monroe regrets sleeping with Prezzo

Huddah Monroe and Prezzo dated long ago before she became rich and famous. The petite socialite however regrets her sweet moments with the bad boy rapper.

For starters, Prezzo is the lucky guy who took away Huddah’s innocence. Last year in a post on social media, Huddah saluted the rapper for popping her cherry.

“Buried the hatchet…. And the once love of my life ….The nigga that broke my virginity (T.M.I???) will be coming thru to HUDDAH MILLION PARTY ? … El Presidente @prezzo254 ?? WE DONT TURN UP ⬆️…. WE TURN OVER ↗️…….??? #HuddahMillionParty #huddahlove,” wrote Huddah.

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Regrets galore

Huddah now regrets losing her virginity altogether. The socialite took to social media to narrate how sex is special and how she is disappointed for losing her innocence.

“I could be dating five men at the same time but I cant sleep with five different men at this level in my life. I have had so much about sex spiritually and I regret ever breaking my virginity. Sex is so spiritual,” wrote Huddah Monroe.

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