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Women Should Return Everything They’ve Been Bought For After Break Up-Jalang’o

March 22, 2021 at 15:40
Women Should Return Everything They've Been Bought For After Break Up-Jalang'o

Most couples surprise each other with gifts occasionally as a way to appreciate their love. In most cases, men are the ones who shower their women with lavish gifts. But what happens to the gifts when the two break-up? Should they return them back?

Radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o believes that women should return the gifts bought to them immediately after break-up, including the engagement ring, if the engagement didn’t work out.

Jalang'o joins Kamene Goro on the Morning Kiss

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro-Google

Speaking on Kiss FM alongside Kamene Goro, Jalang’o said,

”We break up, return everything. What is tangible at that time, you just have to return. Kila mtu tu aende vile alikam. Si you’ve left me… Why are you keeping my car?… Women who are brought up well do this, when we break up, they put everything in a box… They just take what is theirs…

The best thing is to always erase everything… Why do you want to keep a ring of an engagement that didn’t work? Even for your own respect, you don’t have to wait to be told to return them… So that it does not remind you of this other guy.”

This conversation between the two was brought up after American rapper Quavo broke up with his girlfriend Saweetie last week. He asked her to return the car he bought her.

I honestly don’t think gifts should be returned after break up.


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