Women waste no time, start hitting on Phil Karanja

Many Kenyans were taken aback when Phil Karanja and Kate Actress announced their marriage was ending.

Although there were early indications that the couple might be having problems, many chose to ignore them in light of the collaborative video they created assuring people of their relationship.

Nevertheless, several Kenyans (especially those of the fairer gender) have slyly offered as a salve to the undoubtedly bereaved Phil now that the highly prosperous couple has called it quits.

vg_mumle, “My Phil, if you need a shoulder to lean on, I will be there. You deserve better❤️❤️.” Read more.”

Sueshepherd0, “Baba Njeri, thanks now you are single.”

Esther Njoki, “Director Phil, I think you are my lost rib.”

helnmal, “Nko singular❤️,we can prural.”

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