“Worms will grow out of this” Man of God predicts after Guradian Angel proposes to 51 year old girlfriend

Image: Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel indeed triggered many after his marriage proposal to girlfriend Esther Musila; who is believed to be 51 years old.

With gospel singer at 31 years, we can somehow understand why many Kamati ya Roho chafu find to believe that the love these two share is genuine.

Pastor condemns Guardian Angel’s relationship

Some fans feel that the singer is confusing motherly love to that of a lover; but judging from how low Key Guardian Angel has always been – it could mean that he is an old soul inside a young body, right?

Pastor weighs in

Among those who feel that this love will end in premium tears or rather will grow worms is one pastor identified as Richard E S Takim. The man of God through his Facebook page criticized Gurdian Angel and his fiancé, Esther Musila saying;

Guardian Angel with girlfriend

The world has really gone mad. A 50 year UN staff engaged to a 30 year old what singer? Gospel sing what?

Addressing the 51 year old lady, the pastor went on to say;

If I were her brother, I will take her to my village to sit under a beautiful cocoa tree, then allow nature to bring her back to her senses. This is ashtoreth on the loose.

It won’t last

To conclude his bitter post, the pastor gave the two a 7 year shelf life as he promised this relationship to end up oozing worms. Not quite sure why the 41 year old pastor he feels so offended by the two, but he wrote;

Allow only 7 years to comment on her decision. You will see worms grow out of this…

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