Worrying details of Tanasha’s 25th birthday event emerge! (Videos)

Youthful Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna exquisitely marked her 25th birthday on July 7, with an invite-only evening birthday party at Kenya’s coast.

She was spoilt with numerous expensive gifts, a flashy birthday photoshoot and lots of birthday wishes from family, friends and her fans.

The young mother of one went ahead to reveal she would be doing a barbecue to mark the big day and probably this time around keep it a little intimate and have just couple of individuals join in.

Ms Tanasha Donna

The mess

Unfortunately, gate crushers did not miss the event and this if anything, left a dear Tanasha massively irritated by the individuals.

People who had disguised themselves as interested, genuine parties, only to turn out as selfish-minded individuals who could not wait to blow up the Internet with details of the event.

Well, Tanasha is privy to who these particular individuals are and she has dared them with an exposé for their deceiving ways.

Actually, turns out to be a lady, yet to be disclosed but one who might be having it rough from the 25-year old mother.

Edgar Obare

Well-known Kenyan vlogger, Edgar Obare is now on her case after divulging intimate details of the event.

An undisclosed source, through the content creator, came out to expose Tanasha’s small birthday event as one consisting of only countable figures.

According to the lass, Tanasha has been trying too hard to lead a life that she can’t maintain. However, the accuser admitted that Tanasha is a pretty humble girl.

Happy 25th Birthday to her!

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