Wueh! Willy Paul takes a swipe at DK Kwenye Beat’s health in new video

If you did not know, all these celebrities who keep beefing on social media are actually good friends. Ask me how? Well it’s called PR – where the celebrities get to give fans what they want.

For instance – in the gospel industry Willy Paul and Bahati are said to be archenemies; but thanks to a new video shared by Bahati a few hours ago – fans got to witness a new level of friendship they had never seen before.

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Tbt: Bahati and Willy Paul

Turns out that these two (Baha and Willy) are actually good frenemies with an on and off type of relationship. Well, I’d like to think that their beef comes in due to competition; and in this case, let’s just Baha won in terms of investments, settling down and of course the many kids.

Pozee and DK Kwenye Beat

Away from Bahati, it is believed that Pozee has beef with almost everyone in the gospel industry; and this is because of his pride.

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Well Pozee is Pozee – whether loved on hated, he remains the only artist (after Bien) to have good vocals that need no auto tune. However at 27 years, the singer still carries himself as he did back when he was a teen.

By this, I mean – after close to 3 years after DK Kwenye Beats scandal involving a certain sickness ‘herpes’ – Pozee recently decided to make fun of the new dad in town; and all he could come up with is the herpes story.

Funny yes – but looking at DK’s facial expression it’s obvious to see that he was not the low blow that has left fans in stitches on social media. Anyway watch the video below and be the judge.

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