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Wueh women! Mama Dangote unveils Diamond Platnumz biological dad (Photos)

January 15, 2021 at 16:40
Wueh women! Mama Dangote unveils Diamond Platnumz biological dad (Photos)

Mama Dangote is tired of people blaming her son for neglecting his father, Mzee Abdul who we all thought was Diamond Platnumz biological dad. However, thanks to a few photos shared by Mama Dangote, we now have every reason to believe that this lady played us from the word go!

Apparently, Mzee Juma was the man she moved on with after Diamond Platnumz biological dad distanced himself from the pregnancy; but even with this, Mzee Juma did not spend a cent on the now successful African singer.

Mzee Juma attributes his sonĀ“s fashion to himself

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Mama Dangote says that she hustled her way to feed her children and pay their school fee; something Mzee Juma did not take part in. This comes at a time when fans have been criticizing the singer for neglecting the his old man; but clearly there seems to be more to this new drama.

Diamond Platnumz dad

This being the first time mama Dangote is sharing this; many have not only been left with questions but are shocked at revelation. Well, if for a minute you thought Diamond Platnumz owes Mzee Juma anything; then the photos below might just prove you wrong.

Both men might have neglected him when he was young; but the singer has been fair enough to help and support his siblings from both dads. Anyway meet the real baba Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz biological dad

Father and son! Diamond Platnumz and daddy


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