Xtian and Andrew Kibe were never friends

Image: Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

Andrew Kibe has been on a war footing for quite some time but it caught a lot of people off guard when he took a broadside swipe at his former colleague, Xtian Dela who most people thought was also his friend. And it was all because of his oversharing the pregnancy journey of his girlfriend, Fatma Banj.

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Earlier on, we had shared our opinion and had told you that in showbiz, there are no lasting friendships unless the celebs in question grew up together.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

This argument was made after we saw Xtiandela take a swipe at Kamene Goro after she falsely accused him of taking advantage of Shakilla and using her to boost his own digital profile.

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Ince then, we haven’t really seen the former colleagues and pretend BFFs hang out -which is a far cry from all the posts Kamene Goro used to dedicate to her former producer, Xtiandela, going as far as to refer to him as the general. Even less effort has been put into maintaining the appearance of being friends with Andrew Kibe.

Kamene Goro
Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

This is not to fault the overweight lady because she is clearly onto something seeing as she is the one still employed at Radio Africa’s station, Kiss100, while the rest were let go. Also, we aren’t intimately familiar with what transpired between the three but I am an old school thinker who would rather not force a friendship rather than pretend that I am on great terms with someone I only consider a colleague.

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Now back to the matter at hand, Xtiandela has his reasons for sharing as much information as he does about Fatma’s pregnancy: that is what their audience is demanding. And this is how he pays his bills -views equal monetization.

Xtiandela, Fatma Banj
Xtian Dela with his girlfriend

So why would Andrew Kibe take a shot at his former colleague and “friend”? Because according to him, this is not a masculine thing to do. And whether or not you agree with Andrew Kibe or whether or not you see the sense in why Xtiandela is doing, one thing has come into focus: they were never friends.

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After all, you cannot make me believe that one doesn’t have the phone number of the other. So why didn’t they simply jump on the horn and discuss these issues? Why are their domes playing out in the public gallery? It is because one doesn’t care for the other. Either of them could also simply send a text and put an end to the tomfoolery. In fact, I would argue that they could make more money working together rather than going at each other. But what do I know?

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