Xtian Dela Accuses Mr. Seed Of Lacking Remorse Following Friend’s Death

In a recent Instagram story, popular content creator Xtiandela has taken to task musician Mr. Seed, accusing him of engaging in a series of actions that appear to lack remorse following the tragic loss of a mutual friend.

Xtiandela’s bitter post has sparked controversy and ignited a heated debate within the online community.

Xtiandela, known for his unfiltered opinions and candid commentary, expressed deep frustration and disappointment in Mr. Seed’s behavior. In his post, Xtiandela conveyed his anguish, stating,

“It’s an INSULT to the LOVED ones who are still in PAIN…the FAMILY still HURTING and MOURNING.”

Xtiandela criticized Mr. Seed for showcasing a car purportedly involved in the fatal accident, suggesting that it was a ploy to generate pre-hype for his YouTube channel, rather than displaying genuine empathy for the deceased and their grieving family.

Furthermore, Xtiandela drew attention to Mr. Seed’s clout-chasing song lyrics, particularly the line, “I will D_E with you,” which he deemed an outright blasphemous mockery of the painful memories that the late friend’s loved ones must carry.

Xtian Dela’s words echoed the sentiments of many who found Mr. Seed’s actions and song lyrics disrespectful and lacking in sensitivity. The online community quickly rallied behind Xtiandela’s call for accountability. Supporters agreed that Mr. Seed’s actions were inconsiderate and showcased a disregard for the feelings of the grieving family and friends.

Mr. Seed has yet to respond to Xtiandela’s accusations. However, the controversy has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the musician’s reputation. Only time will tell how this situation will ultimately play out.

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