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Xtian Dela has been receiving n*des from an unknown sugar mummy and this is what he decided to do about it…just know team mafisi are very disappointed

March 29, 2017 at 10:11
Xtian Dela

Xtian Dela is an aggrieved man and this is all due to an unknown sugar mummy.

The woman who he alleges is his mother’s age mate has allegedly being giving sleepless nights due to all the “disgusting” things she’s been sending him.

It started off with provocative messages and when that proved not be working, she started sending him n*des something he can’t take any longer.

“Guys…One thing I really hate about having my number out there in public is receiving such things on a daily basis on my WhatsApp…I normally ignore and delete such things but this one I just had to address. This person is someone’s mother. She has been disturbing me, sending me all kinds of pictures and messages that I have been deleting and ignoring but…aaai…this is too much! It’s such a shame! I am NOT this kind of person! I have and will never use my position to promote or condone such behavior. My principles and Faith does NOT allow!! This is wrong on all levels! Ladies…please RESPECT yourselves for men to respect you!!” He wrote on his instagram alongside a photo of the said sugar mummy.

Now this decision didn’t augur well with team mafisi and they have since assembled to discuss what action they would be taking against the popular social media influencer.

Some of them have chosen to show their disappointment in the post as you can clearly see here:



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