Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

Xtiandela came out and boldly declared that he would be vying for the Westlands constituency parliamentary seat as an independent candidate and I was elated for him and what that portends for the future of Kenyan politics.

Xtian Dela Promises To Support Gayism If Elected As Westlands MP

You see, Xtiandela is actually a representation of the frustrations Kenyan youth have towards the ruling elite who have been running our country down to the dogs simply because they are too greedy and myopic.

What has, however, caught me off-guard is his recent decision to run on the platform of LGBTQ rights because this is not just an Achilles heel in his plans bt a fatal flaw in the design of his political discourse.

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It would only make sense to me if he isn’t really trying to get elected and simply looking to raise money through donations -basically if he were running a gift. Why? Because surely Xtiandela has to know that Kenyans will never endorse or elect a politician who has gay rights as his main agenda.

Why do I say this is his main agenda? Because he hasn’t tackled anything else outside this topic. And Kenyans are ultra-conservative -in a very dualistic sense. You see, in all the major towns and cities, we are interacting with homosexuals and they are largely tolerated as we tend to focus on our own sins and interests but the minute someone wants it put in our faces, we catch feelings.


And this is an issue that can lead to human beings being killed -yes, being a homosexual is that much of an issue in Kenya so why would anyone publicly support Xtiandela and put themselves in harm’s way?

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So why did Xtiandela think this is a winning strategy? Surely there is no way he can expect his gay agenda to carry the day in a constituency that it is so vast, it best exemplifies the struggles of social inequality? We have the rich living side by side with the oppressively poor in this one big constituency.

Infact, the president is a constituent in Westlands because he dwells in State House. So I ask again, do you or anyone you know really think this is something he is doing with a mind towards winning the seat? And if indeed this is a concern near and dear to his heart, why didn’t he first focus on winning the seat then move onto quietly working to actualize his agenda?

Xtian Dela Promises To Support Gayism If Elected As Westlands MP

But I gotta say, if this is a gift for foreign American liberal aid, then it is a brilliant one.

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