‘You Are A True Blessing In My Life’-Esther Musila Gushes Over Guardian Angel

Esther Musila is celebrating the love of her life Guardian Angel for being the man she has always wished for. The two lovebirds are enamored of each other and their palpable chemistry is one to embrace.

Taking to her social media, Musila hailed him as the true blessing in her life and thanked God for blessing her with a loving and understanding husband.

“Mr Omwaka, I thank God for blessing me with a loving and understanding husband like you. You are a true blessing in my life. I love you.” Musila wrote.

The couple have a 20-year age gap; and they have often been the target of online trolls who have accused them of being in a “sugar daddy” relationship.

However, the couple has always defends their relationship, saying that their love is real and that they are happy together. They have also urged their critics to respect their privacy & love life.

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