‘You Couldn’t Even Post Your Son On His Birthday!’ Amira Mad At Jimal For Celebrating Amber Ray On Her Birthday

Business mogul Jimal Roho Safi has proved to his first wife Amira that he is indeed a hard nut to crack; after his latest Instagram post where he has posted Amber Ray on her birthday.

While we thought Jimal was done with Amber Ray a few months ago, it seems like the two have no bad blood between them despite Amber announcing they were not seeing each other.

Drama Galore

Amira has been having a tumultuous time trying to separate the duo permanently. She has now taken a step further to demand divorce; evidently because of him celebrating Amber’s birthday today, 4th November.

Jimal posted a video of Amber as he captioned;

”Happy Birthday, have a great celebration today ???? @iam_amberay

This is what has ignited a tirade in Amira; who wrote on her Insta stories;

”As from today, kindly consider me a single mum @jimal_rohosafi get that divorce paper ready. Am not going to allow you to disrespect me again”


Amira also commented on Jimal’s post by writing;

”The audacity!! U couldn’t even post your son on his birthday”

In response to Amira, Jimal proceeded to post even more photos of Amber to celebrate her birthday. While we thought the drama was diminishing between the three, there’s probably more of it to come. Only a matter of time before Jimal responds to Amira’s claims of divorce.

Meanwhile, happy birthday to Amber Ray.

Below is Jimal’s video that has made Amira angry;


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