“You judge single moms but you have 20 abortions” Catherine Kamau tear into ladies hating on single mothers

Catherine Kamau has taken a swipe at ladies who harbor ill feelings against single moms. The mother one says some ladies acting holier than thou have history of abortions.

Catherine Kamau gave birth to her son Leon Kamau while she was still a student. The actress quit her study when she became pregnant with Leon.

“I went to Kampala (International University in Uganda) in 2006 and did not complete my course because I got pregnant and came back to Nairobi. I made bad choices but I have turned my life around and my son Leon Kamau is the most important thing to me now. My mum always jokes that he is the degree I brought from Uganda,” revealed Catherine Kamau in a past interview.

Catherine Kamau with her son and husband Phil Karanja

You are quick to judge a single moms and you’ve aborted

Catherine Kamau  tore into ladies and men criticizing single mothers. The 30-year-old actress says men who sire kid they don’t take care of and ladies who abort their pregnancies are useless.

“You are quick to judge a single mum but you have 20 abortions under your belt or even sired 15 children that you don’t take care of.. Let me sip my tea #RespectSingleMums,” wrote Catherine Kamau


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