“You married me knowing I may not have children” Faith Muturi showers husband with praises as they await for baby number 3

Image: Faith Muturi

Faith Muturi says her 3 doctors confirmed that she had a high possibility of not conceiving a few years back; something that almost tore her apart.

As seen on her post, Mrs Ngugi says back then she had not yet settled with Mr Ngugi; but even after finding out about her infertility issues, Faith says her then boyfriend (now husband) did not abandon her.

In fact it appears that he may have loved her more to a point of not caring whether she would conceive or not. According to Faith, her man stood by her throughout her medication; and just like a miracle they were blessed with a baby boy for their first born. She wrote;

Faith Muturi with hubby on baby number 3 photoshoot

5 years ago, you won my heart and you keep doing it. ????We got the doctors’ report before we got married that I may not get children. You have been so firm in your faith & resolve. You still chose me & chose to believe God. You have taught me that even when we don’t see God’s hand, we can trust His heart.

Baby number 3

About 3 years ago, the couple was once again blessed with their second child; and this time around, it was a baby girl. Well, for a woman said to be barren, this was indeed a miracle; and just to make things better – Faith and hubby have baby number 3 on the way already.

Faith Muturi with hubby and son

Through her Ig page, the lass went on to share the good news as well as thank her husband saying;

Can’t wait to meet this baby & I have a feeling, it will be another copy of you. That warms my heart – I love that the children resemble you. Here’s to another adventure in parenting #3. May we be faithful! ????????

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