“You never had time for me!” Lilian Muli blasts former Citizen TV host (Screenshots)

It is said: Do not burn your bridges. Well, because you don´t know what your future holds.

This statement has not hit far from home after gospel artiste and TV personality, Holy Dave Muthengi was exposed for being to ´classy´ to tolerate those ´below him´.

A revelation that was made by popular Kenyan journalist, Lilian Muli after reliving memories of her campus days.

Journalist and entrepreneur, Lilian Muli

Turns out that Holy Dave and Lilian both studied at Daystar for their undergraduate.

However, unlike now, the Citizen TV prime time anchor felt she did not stand the threshold to be counted in the artist´s circle of friends because of one reason: their social class was different.

Holy Dave Muthengi

So, the mother of two shared a throwback photo of herself and other renowned Kenyan journalists, back when they were still starting in the industry, at KTN.

Recalling how tiny she was to the extent that she only wore one suit because that is the only piece of clothing that fitted her at least.

At KTN. Back in the day When the news consumer was only interested in the news of the day and not the personal lives of their favorite News Anchor. I must have been about 24 years old here.
I was so thin this is the only suit they could find that could fit me.

TBT photo of KTN journalists

Well, in came her former classmate, Holy Dave who hinted that this throwback photo of the sassy journalist reminded him of her looks back while still in campus.

This looks like the you I remember at the Daystar canteen at lunch time. ????????

Hardly did he know he was going to meet his match right there, shifting the subject of discussion towards the Kenyan gospel singer.

Celebrated media personality, Lilian Muli

Ms Nzisa savagely responded:

@holydavemuthengi lol yup but you were too posh you never had time for me

I´m sure you know what followed, Dave was probably too embarrassed to comment any further other than to pose:

Watu wa Daystar, ati nilikua najiskia? ????

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Before he also spilled that the media personality was also un-approachable.

???? Nzisa wasn’t that approachable. Then she had a clique of girls, wah, wacha tu.

Gospel artist Holy Dave

Impressed by the angle the discussion was taking, fans and followers commented:

__iswambua__@lilmuli Ouch! Volume iko juu????????


denno_nesh@lilmuli and yet you had a crush on him????????????


kennedynyaga @lilmuli opz silently????


joannemuema @lilmuli inakuanga hivyo… The reality of life????????????❤️❤️


dernmumoh@lilmuli lakin mungu ni nani????????????????????now you’re eating with 4spoons tied together


suechee1@lilmuli shots fired..braaptaataa???? sikuhizi hapana tambua yeye????

The TV beauty eventually calmed down the conversation by patting Dave on his back expressing:

@holydavemuthengi hey but you still remain one of my favourite people

To which he responded:

@lilmuli The feeling is mutual and you know.

Well…that´s a reminder that tables turn.

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