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“You should be ashamed!” Milly Chebby reacts to video of Kasolo threatening to choke toddler to death

March 08, 2022 at 10:10
“You should be ashamed!” Milly Chebby reacts to video of Kasolo threatening to choke toddler to death

Milky Chebby is a mother of a 3 year old girl, Milla who is the same age as Kasolo’s daughter, Shine. Being a mum, Milly will tell you that terrible three is real but at the same time – fun.

This is when toddlers discover the world around them and with such curiosity they not only turn the house inside out; but are ready to explore anything and everything. They break, tear, insert objects (into very funny places) and above all will terrorize you and invade your space – but all these things are done with love.

Kasolo demonstrates how he would strangle 3 year old daughter

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I guess this is why Milly Chebby and other mums on social media; have been bashing Kasolo for putting his hand across his daughter’s neck, demonstrating how he would choke her for breaking an expensive water bottle. And I’ll say it…..TF!

Milly Chebby to Kasolo

With the video circulating on social media…wait, wait…did I mention the video was shared by Kasolo himself? sadistic sociopath???

Having seen how the singer put fear in his daughter and even ‘choked’ her for while as someone else recorded (crossing my fingers it’s not the mum) Milly Chebby reacted to the video with a post that read;

One involves a grown ass man threatening a child with murder. A man who is actually the little girls father. He even had time to record the madness and post it. You should be ashamed of yourself Kasolo. There are things you shouldn’t joke about. You are a parent, you should know better. I truly hope that appropriate action will be taken. Don’t traumatize an innocent baby in the name of disciplining her.

Again, I’ll remind you that there is scarcity of water in some parts of Kamba land….but damn, threatening a baby with murder over a broken bottle shows something is clearly wrong with Kasolo. Or better yet – he must have some toxic traits and chances are that he is also abusive towards the child.

I know taking sides sounds biased – but after watching the clip more than ten times…all I have to say is that I’m disgusted!


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