“You will pay for oxygen per gram,” EndoWarrior Jahmby Koikai warns doubting Kenyans on the harsh impact of COVID-19

Image: “You will pay for oxygen per gram,” EndoWarrior Jahmby Koikai warns doubting Kenyans on the harsh impact of COVID-19

Masses hardly believe until they hear it from the horse’s mouth. It may just be human nature but when you’re told, you better listen.

COVID-19 is a situation that became part of the Kenyan narrative in March 2020, sending the nation into a dilemma.

But many are yet to realize the harsh impact of the deadly virus on the human body.

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Jahmby Koikai tells her story

For those still in doubt, renowned Kenyan Endo warrior, Jahmby Koikai has come out to tell her story of a similar situation she was in, for at least 3 solid years.

Media personality Jahmby Koikai

“2015-2018 were the hardest years of my life. It was common occurrence to check into the hospital I used to go to and wait for a bed. Yes wait, because the hospital was full,” her open letter starts off.

“Thankfully God was always on my side, there’d be someone on the discharge. The discharge process doesn’t take 10 minutes. It takes hours while I’d be seated on the bench trying to catch my breath and there was no pandemic then,” Jahmby attests.

EndoWarrior Jahmby Koikai
EndoWarrior Jahmby Koikai

All she had been queuing for at the time, was a supply of oxygen. Yes, oxygen.

“The most expensive thing in our Kenyan hospitals is OXYGEN,” she continues.

“My people, listen here, you will pay for OXYGEN per GRAM. It will be more expensive than your medication. I didn’t have a virus. I had Thoracic Endometriosis,” Jahmby warns the Kenyan mass.

Jahmby Koikai

At the time of her battle with endometriosis, she was admitted to a hospital in the US where her treatment proved successful in 2019 when she finally returned to Kenya.

The warning

“Now, with COVID-19, better be extremely careful. Do not do things because others are doing it. You will end up ALONE, NO HOSPITAL BED, NO OXYGEN, NO DOCTOR, NO NURSE,” she forewarns.

Jahmby Koikai

“I’ve fought this fight for years. Lung disease is not easy to recover from. It leaves you with other issues and could leave you on medication for life,” Jahmby continues.

“Don’t be reckless because you’ll go through some crazy unimaginable pain. Concerts, parties, political rallies ain’t going nowhere. They’ll be back. Your life comes first,” her letter closes off.

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