“Young man, please don’t be irritable with us.” Oburu Odinga probes the son of Gen. Ogolla

Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga has urged Joel Rabuku, the son of the late Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla, to cooperate with investigations into the military plane crash that claimed 10 lives.

Speaking at the ongoing burial ceremony in Siaya County, Odinga stressed the importance of allowing the government to conduct thorough investigations as promised.

He echoed the concerns of many leaders from the region who have experienced untimely deaths, underscoring the need for transparency regarding General Ogolla’s tragic demise.

“We seek the truth. We have lost numerous leaders in our area under suspicious circumstances, and we are cautious. We demand answers regarding the demise of our son. Young man, please be patient with us. We seek the truth. When Robert Ouko passed away, the authorities convinced his family to dismiss our inquiries. So, young man, please be patient and let the investigators carry out their duties,” Oburu stated.

Additionally, Oburu conveyed former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s condolences, noting his absence due to being out of the country.

General Ogolla lost his life tragically in a military plane crash in the Kaben area of Elgeyo-Marakwet County, alongside nine other KDF officials on Thursday, April 18.

During the memorial service held on Friday, Joel encouraged mourners to celebrate his father’s life rather than mourn his passing.

He shared that his father had always prepared the family for his eventual departure.

Joel urged attendees to embrace joy, highlighting his father’s cheerful nature and emphasizing that General Ogolla would have wanted to see people happy rather than sad.

“I see many sad faces, but my father would wonder why people are sad, especially since he had prepared us for this day for a long time. You should be a bit happier because, as a family, we rely on his faith, our faith, and that of Jesus Christ, which was his cornerstone for everything,” Rabuku expressed.

General Ogolla was laid to rest today at his family home in Mor, Alego Usonga, Siaya County, in accordance with his wish to be buried within three days.

He was also buried without a coffin, in accordance with his wishes.

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