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“You’re a very useless guy” Eddie Butita tells off radio presenter asking him about breakup with Mammito

September 23, 2022 at 11:27
"You're a very useless guy" Eddie Butita tells off radio presenter asking him about breakup with Mammito

Okay i know rumor has it that Eddie Butita and Mammito are no longer together but mmmmh i sort of feel that chances are that the two are back to living their private life like they used to before and last i checked…Mammito is working on a project in Masaai Mara and not with a Mubaba as earlier reported.

Well whether the breakup is true or not – all i know is that Butita isnt ready to take any questions surrounding the nature of his relationship with Mammito. He proved this while on a phone call with Milele FM’s Ankali who he told off recently and judging from how Butita responded – trust me you wont be getting any information from him. He said;

Lakini Ankali, vitu mingi zinafanyika Kenya, wee uko tu hapo– wee na wewe. Mimi niko sawa, maisha yangu iko sawa, niko sambamba na pia yeye ako sambamba. Mamwish vizuri kwa maisha yake. Mimi sina adui.

Ankali brings Butita’s other side

Well being one who is known for being calm and quite a private person – Butita was left with no option but to get harsh with Ankali by telling him how useless he (Ankali) is;

Ankali wewe ni mtu mwingine, very useless. You’re a very useless guy.

And lasty before hanging up, Butita said;

Kaanga chini uamue ni swali gani unauliza mtu. Ni nini wewe? Una maswali mingi! Unataka ujibiwe gani? Nani, kwenda uko wewe. Ulisomea wapi wewe? Useless boy, kwenda uko!


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