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YouTube and drama: Diana Marua is just pulling some publicity stunt

January 27, 2022 at 11:59
YouTube and drama: Diana Marua is just pulling some publicity stunt

Diana Marua is busy crying crocodile tears over her YouTube account as if we have forgotten that she attempted to ruin Willy Paul’s career with false allegations of rape that she couldn’t substantiate beyond claiming it was true. And to make matters worse, some eye-witnesses stepped forth tpo say they saw her conduct before and after the alleged crime was committed and she was not only in good spirits but was super happy about being in Mkunaji’s company.

Diana Marua’s YouTube Channel With Over Half A Million Subs Hacked (Screenshot)

But what I love most about the way everything is playing out is that it is beginning to seem like Kenyans are becoming savvier to the wily ways of this Jezebel lady. We now know to look out for publicity stunts and mindless schemes meant to shop for attention.

Diana Marua

Whether or not this has immediate damage to their brand as a couple, Bahati and Diana Marua don’t appear to be done with stunts just yet. Anyway, her new stunt has Diana Marua claiming her YouTube account was hacked and taken down. Apparently, this was done by her peers in the music industry who are scared of her prowess. Facepalm.

Diana Marua Gives Update On Her Hacked YouTube Account

In case you already forgot like the rest of us did, Diana Marua released two songs. The production was on point but she has no talent for either rapping or singing. So after the initial launch, most people forgot about her music until now.

Diana Marua

The argument from a lot of Kenyans is that this just might be Karma for her nonsense allegations against Willy Paul. Or perhaps it was simply down to carelessness as she forgot her password. We’ll probably never know because it will be back at just about the same time she launches her latest song or episode of her latest lifestyle vlog.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

But who can blame her? After all, Machiavelli himself advised us to court attention at all costs. So perhaps Diana Marua is little more than a brilliant student of the late strategist. In which case, then she only has to weigh the costs and benefits to decide whether this is a sustainable way of doing business.

Diana Marua

Eventually, Kenyans will get tired of these antics and she will then start declaring her interest in vying for some political office. But until then, let her milk this cow dry. Until then, here we go again:

”Some Good News! My YouTube channel is almost Back 😭😭😭. Unfortunately the Hacker had Deleted Several Videos and Changed the Name to ARK INVEST which used My Channel to post Content that Violates YouTube Guidelines and immediately I was Flagged off as a User…We are in the process of getting the Channel back to my official Brand Name DIANA BAHATI…”

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