“Yuck!” Babu Owino rejected, blocked and exposed by young lady he was hitting on (Photos)

Image: Babu Owino

Lady identified as Muthoni Mahiaini has exposed Babu Owino for sliding into her DM!

As seen on the screenshots shared on Onare’s page, it appears that Babu Owino took his shot with the gorgeous chocolate skinned girl – only for him to realize that all Nairobi girls are not the same.

According to Babu, he found this particular young lady to be quite beautiful as he sent a Direct Message saying;

Babu Owino exposed

You are so beautiful

Turned down

However unfortunately for Babu Owino the girl he had been eyeing did not seem impressed by his move; and the reaction did not make it any better!

On the screenshot, the lady went on to call out Babu for shooting Evolve as she wrote;

you have destroyed someone’s life forever!!! Shame on you


Well, having shot DJ Evolve and is allegedly said to be buying his freedom; Ms Muthoni did not want to be involved with a man like Babu Owino – but problem is, the politician did not take it so lightly!

Responding to the lady….as usual Babu Owino decided to throw shade at the lady and judging from what he wrote; clearly this fella does not take rejection lightly and seeing what his anger did to Evolve – Muthoni should count herself lucky this conversation went down in her DM.

Justice for Evolve

For weeks now, many have been asking Evolve to be given some justice by putting Babu Owino behind bars; but oh well, money talks louder and having justice on sale confirms that we might have to wait longer.

Muthoni on the other hand served Babu Owino on her page; as a reminder that money cannot buy you everything!



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