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Yummy Mummy invited the audience into her marriage and now is reaping what she sowed

February 10, 2021 at 10:57
Yummy Mummy invited the audience into her marriage and now is reaping what she sowed

Yummy Mummy doesn’t seem to have learnt from a timeless piece in which I said picking fights with media entities such as Edgar Obare was a terrible idea and she once again finds herself in his crosshairs and I am enjoying the petty nature the man clearly has nurtured in himself.

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Yummy Mummy just chose not to learn and we find her in the headlines again courtesy of the man and his fans. But on this one, she has no one to blame but herself because she was chasing after being an influencer (hence followership) by any means necessary.

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy posing during happier days

She would reportedly even invite her audience into her marital bed, detailing how she and her husband would uhm… Do the naked tango while she was on her menses… And that is a level of access into a married couple’s bedroom that would hitherto have been unprecedented just ten years ago. Hell, even five.

“Don’t blame me for your poor judgement and problems!” Edgar Obare tells Jalang’o to man up!

Yummy Mummy would let her audience know what they were doing, some details of her sexual history as well as how that affected her and her hubby. While this seems like a novel, even well-intended idea, I am reminded of the sagacious statement that the roads to hell are paved with good intentions.

Yummy Mummy

Joan alias Yummy Mummy with her hubby, Zach Munyi

Now that her marriage is clearly at a problematic point, Yummy Mummy has nowhere to hide. She is being bombarded by questions regarding her marriage and the whereabouts of her husband. To make matters worse, she decided to have a QnA session on her IG account. One has to wonder what thought process informed her decision.

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Now she has failed at two tactics that would have otherwise worked for someone who hadn’t opened up her marriage to scrutiny quite as Yummy Mummy has been doing. If her content weren’t focused on her marital life, she could have simply ignored the matter, in essence giving it a blackout or she could have addressed it once and moved on.

Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy before her fandom turned on her

Instead, she is now being haunted by opinions and gossip. Anytime her husband sets foot outside at an entertainment spot to relax, she will get dragged into the fray by her audience. If he decides to leave his marriage and move on, Yummy Mummy will know no peace as she will always be informed of everything he does with his subsequent partners.

And the fact that she has made an enemy of Edgar Obare now means that he can choose to amplify the information regarding her and her marriage. And who will she turn to as the reason for her suffering? She has no one to blame but herself. Anyway, Yummy Mummy now has fallen victim to that wise Kenyan saying, “mtawachana tu“.

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