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Yummy Mummy’s cosmetic surgery proves beauty at all sizes is a myth

April 05, 2022 at 12:59
Yummy Mummy's cosmetic surgery proves beauty at all sizes is a myth

Yummy Mummy has opened a can of worms that completely exposes the lies that cosmetic companies and your favourite obese influencers have fought tooth and nail to bury and when that didn’t work, they turned to try to gaslight humanity about the truth on a massive scale and that is the idea that beauty is found at all sizes.

Yummy Mummy forced to explain herself after implying women who use sanitary pads are ‘Cavewomen, yuck!’

The issue with this argument is that it tries to make men and women ignore evolved psychological understandings of beauty. Because at the end of the day, beauty signified a lot more than aesthetics. And to understand what I am prattling about, you need to go back in time and learn what beauty signifies from a biological standpoint.

And by this, I mean going back even further than before Yummy Mummy got her tummy tuck (or is it liposuction). We need to go back to the days of early human evolution down to the very recent past. And beauty was one of the most simple ways of measuring three core things: genetics, fertility, immune system and believe it or not, trustworthiness. And you should probably click on the links to confirm what I am on about for yourself.

Yummy Mummy invited the audience into her marriage and now is reaping what she sowed

That is a brutal reality but life has never been fair.

But let us delve into it a bit so you can better understand why Yummy Mummy is now showing off her body in skimpy photoshoots. We will begin with facial adiposity (fat in the face). One of the first things we as human beings see when we think of anyone is their face. And facial adiposity knocks down the attractiveness factor significantly. That is why people will describe others and say, “He/ She’s fat but she has a pretty face. And once we are done with facial adiposity, we shall now move to the rest of the body.

What influencers should learn from Yummy Mummy’s beef with Edgar Obare

Feminists like spewing nonsense about privileges but if there is any privilege that existed before it was even a concept, it was “attractive privilege”. And one of the things that knocks you down the totem pole of attractiveness is whether or not you’re fat. And the truth is, Yummy Mummy probably had witnessed her husband’s interest in her waning.

She is well aware that she was not at her best. The looks from male admirers have died down and worse still, there were rumours that her husband was cheating on her with a more attractive lady. That can’t have been something she swallowed easily. And that os why as soon as she went to her surgeon to have the fat drained from her belly, she decided to show off what she was working with. Ah yes, the all-powerful “male gaze.

What does this move portend for her marriage? Well, from the way she talks about her husband, he is already hen-pecked but now for sure, we know he is not consulted by Yummy Mummy before she posts her videos and photos on social media. And now he has to compete with other men to give his wife the attention she is craving.

Now, whether or not the has found a hack that cheats her own genetics into thinking she is more fertile and has a better immune system is but what is abundantly apparent is that even she did not believe the same BS she was peddling. That’s right, witnessing someone who used to espouse the “beautiful at all sizes” philosophy turn around and choose to go under the knife to achieve her “dream body” is jarring for a lot of duped women.

And for once, I wish influencers would actually embrace the truth (not the subjective nonsense about their personal truths) and tell the world that life is more beautiful when you are not obese. Teach your followers to hit the gym and pursue fitness. This will instantly help their mental health as well as their immune systems. Remember the links I tagged up above about how beauty is an indicator of health? Why else do you think athletes are often so beautiful?

Now let’s see whether Yummy Mummy is still going to sell the schpill about loving her body even when she was fat because at the end of the day, her actions fly in the face of her words and as always, acta non verbal (watch what they do, not what they say).

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