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Yummy Mummy vs Nurse Judy: Female celebs should never give relationship advice

November 14, 2022 at 17:49
Yummy Mummy vs Nurse Judy: Female celebs should never give relationship advice

Yummy Mummy and Nurse Judy have been embroiled in one of the most petty but exciting beef ever. The pair have traded jabs both subliminally and publicly and we love to see it.

Nurse Judy asked to heal as she continue to blame failed marriage on Murugi Munyi

But one thing that we need to take note of from all their shooting some terrible salvos at each other is the fact that they truly exposed just how trash celebrity marriages are.

Yummy Mummy has tried to sell an image of herself as a caring mother and wife who is all about building her home and family. Nurse Judy is… Well, just someone who got some sort of fame because she would trade blows with her.

Why Kenyan celebrity marriages and relationships are failing

But unbeknownst to even her most ardent of fans, her marriage was on the rocks and largely this was due to her shenanigans that saw her allegedly cheat on her husband with her boss -according to her “political” enemy that is. And that same enemy helped Murugi Munyi’s husband get his own licks in by sleeping with him.

Yummy Mummy looking sassy

So while Yummy Mummy was slobbering some other man, her husband decided to pursue another woman… And all the while, she was giving advice to her female fans about how to conduct their relationships.

Yummy Mummy forced to explain herself after implying women who use sanitary pads are ‘Cavewomen, yuck!’

Allow that to sink in. Yummy Mummy was busy living a garbage life and garbage marriage, being a garbage wife and a garbage mother by extension while simultaneously telling women what they need to do to get happy relationships.

Joan alias Yummy Mummy with her hubby, Zach Munyi

And this is why I often tell people not to take what female celebrities say about relationships seriously. They are often just an angry muttering of feminists who are trying to share their pain. So they give women the worst possible advice that they themselves do not live by. And that is why she went back to her husband to beg for the chance to make things work.

Yummy Mummy’s cosmetic surgery proves beauty at all sizes is a myth

You can imagine how upset a lot of women are when they will eventually find out that the very same woman who was espousing women “respect themselves” by walking away was busy begging her husband for a second chance after both he and she made a mockery of their vibes… The woman who made you leave your great boyfriend whose only flaw was that he cheated once and regretted it was busy taking her back her straying ex and fighting his mistress on social media.

Yummy Mummy’s drastic weight loss journey

Just goes to show you that not one of these female warriors you encounter on social media are just clowns and the entire lot of them are selling wolf tickets to shows they aren’t going to be attending. Yummy Mummy is trying to live vicariously through the lives of her audience and giving them bad advice deliberately. But your sister isn’t ready to have that conversation.

Yummy Mummy invited the audience into her marriage and now is reaping what she sowed

And that is why you have a streak of hypocrisy from Yummy Mummy. She is the same lady that touted the idea of being beautiful at any size yet went to get some cosmetic surgery done. She is at least consistently a garbage advisor and feminist.

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