Yvette Obura discusses the challenges she faces in shedding pounds through fasting

Image: Yvette Obura on weight gain

Yvette Obura, a businesswoman and social media influencer, is sharing her struggles with weight loss.

In a recent update, Ms. Obura noted that she has noticed a significant increase in her weight, as she shared recent photos. “Weight has joined the group 🤧🤧Since Intermittent fasting chose not to work for me anymore,” she remarked.


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Yvette had previously found success with intermittent fasting, a method that involves alternating between fasting and eating on a regular schedule. However, this approach recently stopped yielding results for her.

Intermittent fasting, often referred to as IF, is a dietary strategy followed by many individuals. According to John Hopkinds.org, it can help manage weight and may even reverse certain diseases. Additionally, research suggests that IF may be particularly beneficial for reducing inflammation and improving conditions associated with it, such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and stroke, as stated by Mayoclinic.org.

Despite her concerns about weight gain, Obura’s fans have offered words of encouragement, affirming that she still looks great.

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