YY Comedian Responds To Comparison Of His Relationship To Mulamwah’s (Screenshot)

Comedian YY recently unveiled his newly found love after she gave birth to their first born child. It was a shrewd move for the jester as he waited meticulously for the right moment to introduce the new chick to the public; despite lying to fans that he never had someone in mind to be his partner. Moreover, he claimed in a previous interview that he was a virgin.

YY went on to promise his baby mama Marya a vacation to a destination of her choice but jokingly requested her not to choose a place outside Nairobi.

“Thank you for pushing….I want you to choose a destination you would love to visit..na isikuwe nje ya Nairobi please ni January @officialmarya_1,” he said.

The two have been an item for a while but preferred to keep their relationship under wraps.

YY Responds

The comedian was recently provoked to respond to sentiments about his relationship not lasting, just like Mulamwah’s relationship with his baby mama Carrol Sonie. We’re well aware about Mulamwah’s relationship with Sonie that ended in premium tears and an expose that left so many fans flabbergasted.

He insinuated that his relationship would be an everlasting one like our predecessors. Below is his reaction to one of his fan’s comment;


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