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‘Zaa Wako Ufiche’- Vera Sidika To Fans Telling Her To Keep Daughter Asia Out Of Social Media (Screenshot)

January 27, 2022 at 06:06
'Zaa Wako Ufiche'- Vera Sidika To Fans Telling Her To Keep Daughter Asia Out Of Social Media (Screenshot)

Social media babies are on the rise with their celebrity parents being on the frontline to flaunt them and keep fans updated about them. While this may seem like a good thing to some, not everyone is pleased with the fact that even toddlers are put under public scrutiny by being exposed on social media.

Vera Vs Fans/Huddah

This is why Vera Sidika has found herself locking horns with a section of her fans; and even her fellow socialite Huddah Monroe. The Huddah Cosmetics CEO had days ago shared her sentiments on social media babies and indirectly addressed Vera by telling her to give her 3 months old daughter a break.

”These social media babies be working harder than me an adult. No chance to be a child at all! You must do tiktok @ 1 month… give me a break! I need some privacy to grow up”

Turns out, Huddah Monroe’s statement has been supported massively by some of Vera’s followers; who think she should give Baby Asia a break.

Vera’s daughter Asia at 2 months- Instagram (Courtesy)

Either way, Vera is not buying this. She is blocking & reprimanding every single person who admonishes her on the latter.

In a frenzy of rage, Vera maintained that she won’t be advised on how to raise her daughter

”Bring this bullshit to me & get blocked!!! No mosquito will tell me how to raise my kid. Y’all didn’t carry her for 9 months to have opinions on how she should be raised. Zaa wako ufiche! Pls mind your uterus as I mind my own”

Vera’s adorable daughter Asia turned 3 months on 20th this month and she has been showing her off ever since her face reveal last year. Do you think it’s naïve of her posting her endlessly on social media?


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