“Zalia bwanako mtoto tuone” Sosuun hits Singer Viviane below the belt in ongoing beef

Image: Sosuun with hubby, Kenrazy

Alleged rumors are going around that there’s trouble brewing between singer Sosuun and Vivian. Don’t why it sounds more of these two women hyping a song but either way – they’re serving tea and fans love it.

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Okay, so the beef was earlier sparked by Vivian who wrote a long post wishing Sosuun a happy birthday but at the same time criticized her for having failed in music.

Nimesoma place ni birthday ya Sosuun. Happy birthday to her.. I found out about this mama akiangusha mistari pale grandpa.
Flow hatari but kwani Mistari ziliisha? Personality yake moto sana pale TikTok huwa tunapatana but Mistari zilienda?
It’s such a shame gift kama ya huyu dem ikidisappear nkt.

According to Vivian, rapper Sosuun gave up on her career to be a mum and wife; a big mistake most women make in the name of raising a family.

Sometimes women give up on their gifts too quickly. Kuzaa ni poa ukitamani kama mwanamke. I understand coz I’m a mum but sasa gift yako unaachia nani? Sosuun ni example tu but hii nonsense ya KU-give up on our dreams so easily as women inafaa iishe once and for all.

Quoting Lupita Nyongo, Vivian urged Sosuun not to give up since her dreams as a rapper remain valid. Well, she may have put her words in such a polite manner but again, all Vivian wants is for the rapper to get back in the game.

Wait, wait…did I mention it could be hype for a new song? Guess I did. Anyway Vivian went on to conclude her post saying;

It’s happened for generations! Lupita alisha tuambia our dreams are valid PTHOOO.. Mara ni bwana, mara watoto mara in-laws ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️… unachukua break 10years .. how will we remember you surely? Where is your mark??? Your dream is valid stop looking for excuses to sacrifice! God gave you the gift

Sosuun savage response to Vivian

Having come across Vivianne’s post, Sosuun on the other hand did not have anything better  to say but return the favor to criticism she received regarding her family and failed career.

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As seen on the long post shared on Instagram the mother of two said;

Industry yenyu hata mtu aawaachie bado tu mnamtafuta, now #Vivian Mimi na wewe tunaulizana Nini? You have big songs yes but my stardom status still by far incomparable na yako. First ,up your game ukae super star ndio tuongee Mimi na wewe, check your wardrobe you are still very young kuvaa ka mumama kwani wewe ni msanii wa mashambani?

I’m hoping we’re still together….right? Having involved herself (Vivianne) in matters that don’t concern her; Sosuun also got personal by asking Viviane to first bare a child for Sam West – who she has been married to for years – but there’s no reproduction.

Viviane with husband, Sam West

Surely ladies are we still going to put each other down because of how one chooses to follow their dreams? , I could have In-law problems fine but wewe zalia bwanako mtoto tuone vile utakua unafanya kwa hii industry ya Kenya ya double standards, you think it’s easy coz you ain’t in my shoes…These hands you see move faster than Kamba Music, na Mimi I can assure you huwezi nikosea heshima wewe , this I promise I’ll get hold of you and it will be messy…!

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Well – chances are that it could be beef brewing between these two but also could be hype for a new project. But who knows? In conclusion, Sosuun told Vivianne;

Talking of my Tiktok SMH! Honestly speaking I took a break from Tiktok na ikakufa Kenya, no original content at all now it’s you doing nothing on Tiktok nkt, am not the one to pick on,Mimi sichokozwangi , your GPS took you to the wrong house.

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