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Zari and Diamond Platnumz family back to beefing after being called ‘Fat’

January 26, 2021 at 20:08
Zari and Diamond Platnumz family back to beefing after being called ‘Fat’

Things between Zari Hassan and Juma Lokole keep getting worse all thanks to his ‘loud’ or rather savage mouth that can not hold back from trash talking the boss lady.

After reuniting in Tanzania just a few weeks ago when Zari brought down the kids from South Africa; Diamond Platnumz relative Juma Lokole is back to trolling Zari. Unfortunately this time around, Juma was just focused on the excess weight Zari had put on before her trip to Bongo.

Zari’s body weight

Speaking during an interview, Lokole went on to reveal that Zari is actually heavier than she appears on her Instagram photos. The outspoken blogger and gossip monger did not filter nor play nice while discussing her possible in law.

According to Lokole, the new figure left ‘them’ feeling some type of way; since they were not used to this new Zari. He said;

Zari with Juma Lokole

Ni mnene….unajua mtu ambaye umezoea kuwa naye, mtu English figure mwanamke mwembamba – Leo unakuja unaona ni mnene… kuna ile appetite inapotea.

Zari responds

Since the interview manager to go viral, it seems that Zari came across it; and of course this beautiful mother of 5 could not stay quiet.

Unlike before when she would attack Juma Lokole directly, Zari this time around opted to throw shade in a new photo where she shared a caption about haters.

Well of course it’s obvious to see who Zari was targeting but hey, fans are now getting used to the on and off love between Zari and the blogger from her baby daddy’s side. Assuming that Zari was responding to Juma Lokole, she wrote;

You will never meet a successful hater…where is the lie?

Zari and Lokole back to trolling each other



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