Zari announces she’s done mourning her fallen baby daddy – Ivan Ssemwanga

Ivan’s death devastated Zari Hassan even though they had already split years ago. Zari has now got over the death of her baby daddy.

The death of Ivan was a tormenting experience for Zari, she was forced to fend off opportunists who were eager to get their hands on Ivan’s property while at the same time she was struggling with grief.

Diamond’s wife was overwhelmed with emotion during Ivan’s requiem mass in Kampala and his burial in his rural home, she was inconsolable.

Zari’s sons console her during Ivan’s burial

Whoever said time heals all wounds was right, Zari has since recovered from the painful experience. She took to the social media to reveal that she had gotten over the death of Ivan.

She shared her photos and captioned them with words that revealed she was full of energy – she has brought back her old self

Zari’s caption: Me this morning. All you need is GOD and a THICK SKIN?

It’s called MANNING-UP?

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