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Zari claims Ivan’s property belongs to her and her sons, is the Ugandan tycoon still alive? (audio)

May 24, 2017 at 09:36
Zari claims Ivan's property belongs to her and her sons, is the Ugandan tycoon still alive?  (audio)

So far what we know is that Ivan is still in hospital battling for his life but now we are left wondering whether he is still alive since Zari has come out to claim his property as she tells those who are not family should keep off their business.


This was revealed through an audio that is currently making rounds on social media where the mother of 5 is heard screaming at the top of her voice saying that she has an understanding with Ivan Don since they have children together.

The audio shared by a popular Instagram gossip outlet has left many questioning why the lass is now interested in Ivan’s property when he is still in hospital or they are not telling the public the truth. According to the tabloid the lass is heard saying,

Translation coming soon ? I don't speak or understand Luganda(Language from Uganda) Please be patient ?? Our lovely Ugandan shadyboots are working on the translation ?? (I'll keep updating as I get more on the translation) Translation . So basically Zari is furious ? She's screaming and arguing with Ivan's family member on how they should she and Ivan alone ?? And that Ivan's properties should not be touched because it belongs to her since they have kids together ? Basically she and Ivan have some type of understanding ? Per Zari, she and the kids are both on the "Will" and she'll spend whatever credit cards/money he leaves as she pleases ? because it's for her and the kids ??‍♀️ And there's nothing anyone can do about it ?? so they should wait and see because this is just the beginning ? So anyone who's not family should stay out and not get involved in this dispute.

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