Zari Hassan accused of botched surgery after stepping out in strange-looking bum and waist (Video)

Zari Hassan has become the talk of town after an online video of her taking to the dance floor before parading her uneven curves and edges went viral.

The babe had decided to spend her weekend at the mall, dressed in a black bandage dress that perfectly brought out her strange flat tummy and a weird bum.

Boss Lady, Zari Hassan

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In the recent video, Zari looks unusually slimmer around her waist and fuller around her hips and seemingly raised bum, but how the curves came out became the topic of controversy.

A close look into the video above would clearly bring out weird corners of the aging mum’s bum that saw Tanzanian socialite turned activist, Mange Kimambi hint on what might have gone wrong.

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Mange Kimambi explains

According to the blogger, it wasn’t even anything like a ‘mattress’ or those butt boosters women are fond of today, but a surgery in Zari’s hometown that was hurriedly and unprofessionally done.

Tanzanian controversial socialite, Mange Kimambi

She believed Zari was looking for a BBL (Brazilian butt lift surgery) which is like a fat transplant procedure that improves the fullness and shape of one’s bum using their own fat.

But unfortunately, it just did not come out as expected therefore leaving her at the mercy of the paparazzis.

Blogger, Mange Kimambi claps back at Zari Hassan’s weird body transformation

Unlike a surgery perfectly done in places like the US, the advent of Corona might have forced the boss lady to have it done locally and that is what might have left her looking a bit uneven.

Mange and Zari have been known not to be the best of friends for years now and counting and many would have imagined that it was the hate in her that drove her comments. But either way, fans could not help but agree that this time round, the blogger might just be right about Zari’s unusual body transformation.

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