Zari Hassan accused of theft, she responds

Word on social media is that Zari the boss lady and Cameroonian singer Dencia who doubles up as the queen of skin lightening cream – whitenicious are apparently beefing. This is allegedly after Zari stopped endorsing a certain brand promoting skin bleaching products.

Zari Hassan

From what we’ve learnt is that Zari decided to call it quits since the brand was not in alignment with Zari’s brand. However having her back out – the boss lady was expected to refund the money they they had already paid which her manager says is impossible.

According to Zari’s manager the said company had already benefitted from Zari’s exposure that is they got numbers in terms of followers and likes – meaning Zari delivered what was expected judging from the amount the said company had paid her.

How beef started

Seeing that they wanted more….word has it that they may started sending threats in that they would ruin her reputation hence Dencia coming in with the beef.

If you know Dencia – then I’m sure you know she sells whitening products which she had earlier tried getting Zari to promote; but unfortunately the boss lady declined which now explains why Dencia has been attacking Zari on social media for being fake.

You see…Zari refused to endorse Dencia’s products saying she does not promote bleaching; but later chose to push same products but from a different company. Something Dencia says is double standards.

With that, the two have since been attacking each other on social media with Dencia calling Zari fake; and a thief who robbed a skin lightning company zartheir money by not doing what was expected of her. And in response Zari said;

While her manager wrote;

Not quite sure why they’re all picking on each other dragging kids into the mess, but all I know is that someone is definitely benefiting by making new money from this beef.

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