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Zari Hassan comes clean on relationship with South Africa’s hunk, Andile

March 31, 2022 at 17:15
Zari Hassan comes clean on relationship with South Africa’s hunk, Andile

Zari Hassan is currently the hot topic on most tabloids thanks to reality show, Young, Famous & African. This is because many view her as a force that intimidates weaklings with her self confidence, maturity; and above all – she’s smart.

Apart from that, one of the cast members and friend, Khanyi Mbau described Zari as a woman who treats her men right. Yes, Zari knows how to carter for her boyfriends – unlike the modern socialites leaving everything  for their house managers to handle.

Zandile giving fans sleepless nights

Talk in about the men in Zari life…there’s one specific YFA cast member Andile Ncube who has everyone thinking he might just be the perfect for Zari Hassan.

Well, this is because unlike the characters we have seen before in the boss lady’s life – Andile appears different. He is a family man, handsome, stable, smart, stylish and above all compliments Zari. Okay this is judging from what we saw on Young, Famous, and African.

Andile  Ncube

Zari brotherzones Andile

However, despite everyone hoping the two will hook up with in season 2 – Zari’s latest post might have just confirmed that this won’t be happening.

This is after she shared steamy photos of her with Andile Ncube from last seasons episode; but for how she captioned has me thinking that she may have either family zoned him or worse brother Andile could be stuck in the bro zone.The boss lady wrote;

Zari with hunk, Andile Ncube

Y’all think it got nasty after episode 7 if not, what do you think happens?
Hey hey hey, my brother, that’s my family! #yfa #youngfamousandafrican Cc @andilencube #Zandile

But we’ve also learnt that Andile Ncube is currently dating girlfriend, Rosette Mogomotsi; while Zari on the other hand is seeing as GK Choppa and last we checked – these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

I know iris whar iris but if fans were to have it their way – I’m pretty sure they’d rather have a a Zandile reality show…with a little of Diamond Platnumz play boy character; of course Khanyi Mbau (if they’ll be some back biting) and Naked DJ – the ultimate player that is yet to show his true colors.


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