Zari Hassan expressed concern that the globe is no longer a safe place

Businesswoman Zari Hassan took to her Instagram stories to reflect on the changing times, expressing concern about the safety of children in today’s world.

Describing the current state of affairs, she lamented, “The world is no longer a safe place,” comparing it to her own upbringing where certain activities were commonplace.


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Zari highlighted the stark differences between her childhood and her children’s experiences, noting that her kids have not had the same freedoms she once enjoyed. She reminisced about simpler times when children could play freely without worry, catch buses, or visit neighbors for meals.

However, she expressed regret that such freedoms are no longer feasible due to increased safety concerns. Zari emphasized the lack of trust even within families, remarking, “Can’t even trust our families with our own kids. Damn, it’s bad.”


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Zari is a mother of five, with three children from her late partner, Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga, and two children with Tanzanian music icon Diamond Platnumz. Currently married to Shakib Cham, Zari’s upbringing began in Uganda before she later relocated to South Africa with her late partner.

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