Zari Hassan flaunts all-grown-up son who looks exactly like his late dad, Ivan Don (Photo)

Is this a reincarnation?

Socialite cum business lady Zari Hassan has left tongues wagging on social media after unveiling a new photo of her grown up son; leaving many surprised and impressed at how fast the young man has grown.

Judging from his height, we can assure you that Zari’s first born son is a replica of his late dad, Don Ivan. Through her Instagram page the mother of 5 went on to share the never seen before photo which she captioned;

  Heading to the store…. chips, snacks, chocolates, ice-cream, ice tea or cigarettes anyone?

Zari with firstborn son

It’s not just the body and height but also the eyes, mouth and nose that prove this young boy took after his father. What’s more surprising is that after taking a social media break, Zari’s son has returned with an undeniable resemblance to his late dad.

Zari’s soldiers

However we understand growing up, The Ssemwanga boys were quite close with their dad- and now that he is gone, all they have is memories to keep them going.

Their mum Zari Hassan on the other hand has now settled down as her boys are now becoming grown men; and just like any loving mum, she does not want to miss out on anything involving them.

Anyway although Zari likes to post her Tanzanian children on social media; the lass says that she would like to do the same with her grown boys but they requested her to stop since they prefer keeping their lives off social media.


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