Zari Hassan gives her critics crucial tips on how to do it better next time they come at her (Video)

Zari Hassan has tasted the waters of being an A-list celebrity and having to answer to every small detail that critics feel has not been fixed well. Today, it’s something to do with her hair, the next, her nose seems a little too fat and tomorrow, could be her slit is too long.

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Many times when she has been pricked a little too deep, she has clapped back with fiery comments, shutting off her naysayers but this time round, she decided to give back to society in a kind way just so that the next time you step on her toes, you’ll have been warned.

Zari Hassan keeping busy in the kitchen

Going about her daily hustle, Mama Tee tuned in to a radio discussion in South Africa that had caught her attention. The talk was basically around bashing celebrities for slight imperfections that every other human being has.

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She asked critics to just think about how it would feel to have the very same comments they throw towards celebrities thrown back at them. Thing was, instead of appreciating the good in someone, why were people so quick in spotting the negative?

Zari Hassan dripping some elegance

She started off;

In family, there’s always that one person who doesn’t make it in life. You don’t have kids, you’re not educated, you never get jobs. You’re just that one person in the family that everyone keeps talking about. And family always comes out to criticize you, how does that make you feel?

Zari talked about the workplace as well, you might have that job, yes, but probably you are that one person, who hardly delivers or is least paid.

Example, maybe you’re the least paid person at work and for some reason, somebody somewhere finds out about it and it spreads. Then the staff members now start criticizing you, how would that make you feel?

Zari Hassan looking all-classy

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‘Crushed’ is the word. There is no joy in being the one who always gets picked on, probably not for a fault of your own but who cares about that? You have this flaw and that is what society will concentrate on.

“Your ego, your self-esteem, your whole being gets crushed! The question is; would you take the same energy if it was thrown unto you?” she asked.

Zari Hassan at her company

For the single mother, there is nothing wrong with criticism other than how it is said.

“We’re celebrities, we’re famous, but we’re just like you guys. So the criticism can be constructive like; “Zari when you’re going out next time, check your nose to make sure everything is in place”. But there people who get into the comment section and their job is just to crush, crush, crush! They have so much hate for themselves that they rather transfer this energy onto you in the comment section. The question is; if I keep doing this to you, would you like it?” she wrapped up.

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