Zari Hassan is right sending child support does not mean raising the child

Image: Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

Its been a minute since we saw Diamond Platnumz jet into South Africa to bond with his kids and i can only imagine its because Zari bagged a younger boyfriend who has been keeping her busy for the past few months…and since she had always been his favorite – i assume Diamond Platnumz caught feelings.

Anyway with Zari busy enjoying love from young Shakib – she also appears to have time to throw shade at her baby daddy Dimaond Platnumz who has – yes – been financially supporting his kids….but unfortunately absent in their lives.

Well with Tiffa or Nillan not sharing photos or videos of FaceTime with their dad like they used…this can also be used to show indeed looks like Diamond Platnumz hasn’t been present or rather hasnt been communicating with his children as he should.

Money doesn’t raise a child

And being a single mother handling the kids on her own, I am also assuming this is why Zari reacted the way she did after the fan questioned baby daddy’s whereabouts in the post where she wrote;

 Financially supporting me doesn’t mean raising a child. know the difference ????

Something else that couldn’t go unnoticed is that lately Zari Hassan has distanced from Diamond Platnumz family; and ever since Shakib came in to her life he also appears to have taken over with the kids who seem to love him.

Well having seen how coparenting went down at the Bahati’s and now Zari Hassan’s cryptic post….truth is – co-parenting has never been that easy and whether you like it or not – the past always finds a way into the present.

And like she put it, sending support doesnt mean raising a child….there are nights mums don’t sleep, days they play guardian, friend and a whole lot more that simple child support cannot help out with. But again, there are men who feel that sending child support means taking care of a child….wait until uko kwa ground.

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