Zari Hassan remains unapologetic for reconciling with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Image: Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari Hassan is tired of people linking her to her former boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz. In fact she decided to address this through her instagram live session leaving most of her fans shocked by her sharp mouth.

According to the lady, idlers have been spreading lies linking her to Diamond Platnumz; which has left her looking like she is begging her way back to the singer’s life. However, this is totally different from what Zari wants.

During her live session,the mother of 5 went on to say;

Diamond doesn’t have to prove a point to me that he wants to get back with me; I do not have to prove a point to him that I need to get back to him. Whatever we are doing right now is for the best interests of our children.

Diamond Platnumz with family

Zari went on to add that the reason she is in good with Diamond Platnumz is because of the kids; having abandoned them for almost 2 years, the babies are finally happy to have their dad’s around.

My kids are very happy, Papa calls all the time. Especially Tiffah gets very excited, that’s my papa calling, he speaks to them, plays Piano for them, he is doing everything, he bought a Kitchen her, a pappy for his son. The problem is mbona nyinyi mnaumia.

Zari with daughter, Tiffah

Tiffah with the attitude

Among other things that annoyed her is how people trolled Tiffah for having an attitude. For this reason the socialite went on to defend her daughter who has proven to be a smart girl; giving grown ups something to discuss on social media.

In conclusion, Zari went on to praise her baby girl saying;

Tiffah doesn’t need to be told what to say. When the camera is rolling she knows what to say. You don’t even need to say anything to Tiffah. This a four-year-old saying what comes to her mind, she is smart, beautiful, she is smart she doesn’t need to be told what to say. I’m not gonna seat here and watch you diss my child that ooh she got an attitude, she is special, confident, she is everything, you guys are not.

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