Zari Hassan Reveals Her Young Boyfriend Is Ready To Marry Her

Zari Hassan’s transcendent love for younger men remains peculiar to most, but it’s something she’s not willing to compromise despite the numerous denigratory statements from critics. The mother of 5 recently shunned everyone who was against her decision on the latter.

While defending her latest boyfriend Shakib, she stated;

”He’s not young. He does look young. I am literally turning 42 this year, but you wouldn’t tell. Unless if you know me. Some of us had babies when we were young and we started growing with our kids. Why is it okay when men date younger girls, it is okay?”

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Zari On Getting Married Again

Since parting ways with her husband, the late Ivan Ssemwanga, the closest Zari Hassan has been to marriage again was with Diamond Platnumz.

That, however, did not live to see the light of day as their relationship ended quite bitterly in 2018, and only remained co-parents.

The businesswoman is now ready to re-kindle her marriage life with her Ben 10 boyfriend Shakib. The two made the announcement while making a video together- revealing that they’re ready to meet parents to make things official.

Shakib is ready to ask for Zari’s hand in marriage. But the big question remains- will it be a happily ever after? Considering the numerous relationships Zari has been in, everyone is keeping a close eye on her marriage.

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