Zari Hassan revisits Shakib’s toxic past

Zari Hassan, a South African socialite, wished her husband Shakib Cham a happy Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19, 2023. In her message, she acknowledged his first child from a previous relationship and expressed her desire to make him a father of two.

“Happy Father’s Day to my king, father of one. Hope we make it two, inshallah,” Hassan wrote on Instagram.

Hassan and Cham tied the knot in secret in April 2023. This is Hassan’s first legal marriage, as her previous partners, the late Ivan Semwanga and singer Diamond, never officially married her despite introducing her to their families.

The couple has faced criticism from trolls due to their 12-year age difference, but they have remained strong. In December 2022, Cham introduced Hassan to his parents, demonstrating their commitment to their relationship.

Hassan has four children from previous relationships: two sons and two daughters. Cham has one son from a previous relationship.

The couple is currently living in South Africa.

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