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Zari Hassan’s friend reveals what led to their nasty breakup (Video)

September 08, 2021 at 14:36
Zari Hassan’s friend reveals what led to their nasty breakup (Video)

For a minute Zari Hassan almost convinced us that her circle of friends are mature, busy and drama free people.

Zari’s circle of friends

However, just like most women, they too have drama; and scandals involving men and the gossip is way nastier than that of real housewives series.

Just a few hours ago, Zari shared a post telling off one of her former friends, Norma; who she claims has been gossiping her around. From the post, Zari not only threatened to expose the dirt she has on this former friend (Norma); but also promised to make sure the ex husband finds out the kind of woman he had been married to. Like I said, drama!

Norma with Lasizwe

Norma speaks

However turns out that the whole drama was sparked from Lasizwe’s YouTube show Drink or tell the truth; where Norma happened to spill some details on Zari being a fake friend. (Lasizwe is a gay South African Socialite said to have dated Zari’s king bae) Alaaar!

Anyway, according to Norma, Zari allegedly bad mouthed a while back while on a trip Zimbabwe; which led to the current drama. Speaking to Lasizwe, Norma said;

Our friend that we hooked Zari with told me what Zari said about me while they were in Zimbabwe.

Zari said I must stop talking to you (Lasizwe). So I decided to ignore Zari and take your side. I didn’t like a friend that was honest only in my presence but in my absence, you’re not. I didn’t feel the need of explaining myself. I distanced myself.

Well, most of these South African divas (Zari circle) are clearly people over 40; but damn, all that money still got them doing teenage girls drama in the name of ‘boyfriends.’


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