Zari: I will never take Diamond to court over child support

Zari Hassan has opened up about co-parenting with Diamond Platnumz following their breakup. The two former sweethearts live separately in two different countries – Tanzania and South Africa.

Zari reveals that she will not block Diamond from seeing his kids. She says that she will even sent Prince Nillan and Tiffah to Tanzania whenever their dad needs to see them.

Diamond’s kids Prince Nillan and Tiffah Dangote

“I mean wale ni watoto wake, he has the right. I’m not the type of person. Hata my ex  Ivan vile we broke up he would have the kids other weekends na vitu kama hivyo.  Siwezi sema ‘ohh huwezi kuja’… Akisema ‘you have to send the kids to Tanzania’ siwezi sema, hawawezi kuja, they will go… It has nothing to do with our relationship. They are still his kids,” said Zari during an interview with BBC.

It’s up to him to be responsible or not

Zari says she not worried about Diamond supporting his kids. She asserts that she can never take Diamond to court over child support as she can comfortably take care of the kids.

“No, mimi sina mengi lakini at the same time kidogo kenye nko nacho i think i can be able to take care of the kids because am working, am a hustling mom. So ye mwenyewe akiona he is supposed to take care of his kids, he will. Akiamua, ameniacha, sitaki anything, it is okay, you know what it’s fine. I will still manage to raise the kids,” said Zari.





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