Zari is barking up the wrong tree as pertains to her son being gay

Image: Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan, the mother, not the celebrity we interact with online is dealing with a very heavy subject matter: her son, 13-year-old Raphael Jnr came out as a homosexual on Instagram in a video that he himself shot and posted then invited his forty-seven thousand fans to engage him with questions.

Zari reveals why Tanzanian women are to blame for ‘making’ her son gay

Zari was clearly unaware that her son was going to take to Instagram to handle such a sensitive topic, leave alone invite all the strangers and weirdos from the internet to engage him, a minor on such a heavy topic. it is at this point that we need to remind ourselves that Zari is a mother.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s son Raphael Jnr who recently came out as a homosexual

Not only that but she is now dealing (on her own as the children’s father, Ivan Ssemwanga is dead) with a topic that is taboo in a lot of countries and cultures so she really must thank her lucky stars that she is in South Africa where it isn’t quite as taboo.

Beef aside! Mange Kimambi steps in to defend Zari and son, Raphael from bullies!

How should Zari start tackling this topic? Well, for starters, I would advise her to have a conversation about the birds and the bees or heaux and the bros if she hasn’t already and as she does so, she needs to let her children know that regardless of their orientation, she is still their mother and she loves them.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s son Raphael Jnr on the day he came out as a homosexual

She should also try and find out whether there have been instances of sexual abuse that her children were exposed to. While the mantra goes that “we were born this way”, a huge complication that comes from sexual abuse of minors is something called Rape Trauma Syndrome which can lead to them become hypersexualized and even affect their inclination and orientation aswell as their self-esteem. Zari needs to explore every possibility where her children are concerned.

Zari Hassan speaks after son comes out of the closet

Another tidbit I would advise her to do is to get her son into therapy. He clearly needs someone to talk to in an environment he feels safe in because lets face it, while Zari as the mother would want to believe she can go above and beyond for her child including dealing with this homosexuality matter, we as human beings need to be honest enough to admit when we are out of sorts and unfamiliar with certain subject matter. This I would argue is one such sitaution.

Zari's son Raphael Jnr
Zari’s blames Tanzanian women for her son Raphael Jnr coming out as a homosexual.

But the one thing that Zari decided to do is the one thing I wouldn’t advise anyone to do: she looked for a scapegoat. Diamond Platnumz’ex decided to accuse Tanzanian women of messing with her child and being the reason for his self identified sexual orientation -being gay. According to her, his is a natural reaction to all the women and girls in his DMs sending him illicit and inappropriate material.

Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

While it goes without saying that what she has done is needlessly antagonize people, some of whom will have no qualms about taking out their ire on her and Raphael Jnr which would only serve to make a hairy situation even worse.

What Zari should be doing is observing radio silence for now. She needs to go no contact with the world and instead, channel all her enrgery into dealing with her son and this homosexual situation. She really should cut down on the IG fingers. She needs to focus on the real issues, and not the side show.

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