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Zari joins Diamond Platnumz family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

January 19, 2021 at 08:38
Zari joins Diamond Platnumz family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

It has not been easy for Mzee Juma Abdul who  been making headlines since Friday all thanks to Mama Dangote. This is after Ricardo Momo and Mama Diamond revealed that Mzee Abdul is not Bongo singer,Diamond Platnumz biological father.

With the revelation – many could not believe their ears or understand why the family decided to pull such a move; years after making everyone look down on the old man for allegedly neglecting his son.

Father and son! Diamond Platnumz and daddy

For a minute, Mzee Juma was hated on social media; and fans could not stand the fact that even after abandoning his son, he now wanted financial help. But thanks to the new story – it appears that fans were directing their energy towards the wrong dad. Most believe Mzee Nyange’s mistakes were all pinned to Mzee Juma for clout.

Tiffah to change surname

Anyway, shortly after the story went viral – so did the baby mamas start panicking especially after finding out that Diamond Platnumz surname could be changed at any given minute.

Zari Hassan who is quite close to Mama Dangote quickly went on to make fun of the ongoing drama; as she shared a photo of Tiffah with her papa – but in the caption she wrote;

Tiffah with her dad

Papa👨‍👧 Nyange and Nanyange

In the comment section many felt like Zari used this opportunity to mock the old man; forgetting how she was once put down by the same family after her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. But hey, such is life!

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