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Zari Loves Shakib More Than She Ever Loved Diamond, Here’s Why

March 01, 2023 at 12:18
Zari Loves Shakib More Than She Ever Loved Diamond, Here's Why

Zari is not letting motherhood bar her from having fun & dating whoever she loves. As a matter of fact, Zari seems to be enjoying her 40’s more despite being a mother of 5.

Zari was already a mum in her early 20’s; we can discern that she didn’t have much time to enjoy her youth.

Zari’s Relationship With Diamond

Zari Hassan - Diamond Platnumz and I can share a bed but no touching — citiMuzik

Zari and Diamond seemed to be working out things for a minute. But what seemed like a happy ever after was left in tatters in a couple of months.

According to Zari, she would always try to shield Diamond for the sake of their marriage but the more she protected him and defended him is the more he kept disappointing her and cheating. She says it got to a point where she could not take it anymore and she had to leave.

Diamond was just leading her on and even had a baby mama during that time they were together.

Zari’s Relationship With Shakib

Zari's relationship with lover blessed by family

Unlike Diamond Platnumz, Shakib is giving his bae the queen treatment she always wanted. It’s needless to say Zari has been cool for the couple of months they have been together. And to be honest, she seems more happier now than ever. She doesn’t care the denigratory sentiments against her relationships with youngins. If Shakib continues to play his cards right, Zari will definitely settle with him.


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