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Zari: My child is not from Tandale, I can’t date Tanzania men again

April 20, 2018 at 10:19
Zari: My child is not from Tandale, I can't date Tanzania men again

Zari Hassan asserts that she would never date Tanzanian men again. Her statement seems to imply that she is never getting back with Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five broke up with her baby daddy on February 14th 2018. Zari said she could no longer tolerate Diamond’s continued infidelity.

Zari appears to have further been vexed by Diamond’s explicit videos. She spoke gibberish about men from Tandale in a recent Instagram live session.

Tiffah is not from Tandale

Zari was with her friends when she addressed her fans on Instagram Live. One of her friend said that Tiffah was taking after Diamond’s traits including inability to pronounce some basic words. This prompted Zari to say that her daughter was not from Tandale and that she (Zari) would also never date Tanzanian men.

“She (Tiffah) is not from Tandale, Tandale for who? My child is not from Tandale. You think she is of those things they do from Tandale? They can’t mind their own business, I am their business, and they mind me. So where is our side niggah,? He was coming to take the plates. I can’t date Tanzania men,” Zari lamented.

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